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As a Registered Massage Therapist and founder of Massage Therapy On The Square, Lorraine combines her love of sports with her passion for helping others, offering a therapeutic approach to athletes and healthy-minded individuals.

Growing up in Chesterville, a small town outside Ottawa, her adventurous spirit and love of water became apparent at a young age – she swam pool lengths by the time she was three. Throughout her school years, she played every sport available in her town and at school. She discovered her passion for competition while on the local swim team and spent her summers working as a swimming instructor, lifeguard, and swim team coach.

Her parents have always been her biggest supporters. They encouraged her to try new things and instilled the belief that she could do anything and be anything she wanted if she put her heart and soul into it, which she has carried with her throughout her life in everything she endeavours. (Read her list of achievements below.)

In 1998, while competing in an in-line skate marathon in Ottawa, her wheel dropped into a huge rut at the 34th kilometre, catapulting her at top speed, head first into the pavement. Six weeks later, an MRI determined that she had herniated the lower three discs in her lumbar spine, which were causing severe leg and back pains.  The pain became so debilitating that she was no longer able to work and could only walk a few steps at a time – she spent the next three years mostly in bed.  After a near death experience with prescribed opioids, she sought alternative healing methods.

Working with a fantastic practitioner who was both a chiropractor and massage therapist, her condition gradually improved.  Her short walks turned into long walks and eventually slow short runs.

In 2011, understanding how massage therapy had helped to change her life, and with a passion to help others, Lorraine decided to become a Registered Massage Therapist. She graduated at the top of her class.  Lorraine opened her Massage Therapy practice in Bayfield in 2013 and founded Massage Therapy On The Square in 2016.

Today, Lorraine is a firm believer in empowering patients to take their health into their own hands. A competitive triathlete, she often sends patients home with stretches and strengthening exercises so they can continue to see gains outside of the clinic.  Her goal is to get clients moving and feeling better so they can live life to their fullest potential.

Lorraine is an active member, in good standing, with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO) and the Registered Massage Therapists’ Association of Ontario (RMTAO).

Lorraine’s Achievements & Awards:

  • Between 2015 and 2023, Lorraine competed in over 60 triathlons and stood on the podium for each one – not bad considering she spent 3 years in bed with debilitating pain.
  • Completed 7 Half marathons and countless 10km and 5km runs between 2015 – present
  • Triathlon Coach 2016 – Present
  • Urban Pole Nordic Walking Instructor 2011 – Present
  • National Lifeguard 1980-2016
  • Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer 2006-2016
  • Zumba Instructor 2010-2016
  • Canadian Yachting Association Cruising Skipper 2012
  • Sailed 4340nm between 2012 and 2016 (Lake Ontario, Lake Huron, North Channel, Georgian Bay, British Virgin Islands, North Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda Triangle, Greece, Italy, Spain, Africa)
  • Was the only female in the 10-member crew, in 2015, aboard the Spirit of Adventure Volvo 60 race boat with the late Derek Hatfield, Canada’s own sailing circumnavigator, sailing the North Atlantic and crossed the Gulf Stream.
  • One of nine crew members in 2015 to sail the 72-foot “Sea Dragon,” Pangaea Exploration research vessel from West Palm Beach, FL to Bermuda…8 days/nights through the tumultuous Bermuda triangle.
  • Recipient of the Academic Award of Excellence – D’Arcy Lane Institute of Massage Therapy, London, ON, 2013
  • Recipient of the Ambassador Award – D’Arcy Lane Institute of Massage Therapy, London, ON, 2013


Lorraine’s Post Grad Courses Include:

Soft Tissue Release
Taken with Jim Bilotta AT, R.Kin, London, ON 2012

Lumbar Mobilization
Taken with Aaron Rutter PT, London, ON 2012

The Hidden Cause of Low Back Pain: The Hip
Taken with Aaron Rutter PT, London, ON 2013

TMJ Mastery
Taken with John W. Corrie RMT, London, ON 2014

Sports Massage Home & Away
Taken with Carolyn Caesar RMT & Joanna Thackwray RMT, Guelph, ON 2014

The Evidence Based Assessment & Treatment of Sports Injuries
Taken with Richard Lebert, RMT, London, ON 2017

Taken with Nathalie Cecilia LMT, London, ON 2017

Table Thai Yoga Massage 1
Taken with Tracy Currie RMT Lotus Palm, Toronto, ON 2017

Exercise Therapy for Common Shoulder Conditions
Taken with Mark Chee-Aloy RMT, R.Kin, PT ConEd Institute, London, ON 2017

Axial Joint Mobilizations
Taken with Mark Chee-Aloy RMT, R.Kin, PT ConEd Institute, Niagara Falls, ON 2017

Record Keeping for Manual Therapists
Taken with Mark Chee-Aloy RMT, R.Kin, PT ConEd Institute, Livestream 2020

BIOFLEX Laser Therapy Certification
Taken with Dr. David Kunashko B.Sc, DC, Livestream 2021

BIOFLEX Laser Therapy Master Class
Taken with Dr. David Kunashko B.Sc. DC, Livestream 2021

BIOFLEX Laser Therapy for Cervical Region Advanced Certification Training
Taken with Dr. David Kunashko B.Sc. DC, Livestream 2021

Indian Head Massage
Taken with Alois Nikodym, RMT London, ON 2021

Thai Table Massage
Taken with Alois Nikodym, RMT London, ON 2023


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